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Food fads, the latest diets, you name it Sarah a busy mum-of-two had tried them all. Finally fed up of her ballooning waistline Sarah joined Slim 4 Good. 10 months later Sarah had lost 5 stone and overall 33".  Sarah has now maintained her healthy weight loss for 5 years by attending Slim 4 Good regularly.

Sarah before and after


Heather joined Slim 4 Good in January 2007, six months later she was two stone lighter and looked ten years younger.  Heather still attends her meeting every week and has successfully maintained her weightloss.

Heather before and after


I originally came to the class as support for my wife, immediately I became interested in the very healthy eating plan, the amount of fats/salt in food amazed me!  Because of this diet and very helpful leaders, I have maintained my weight for 4 and a half years, and feel much better for it!


Slim 4 Good have helped me understand the reason to eat healthy foods.  It's not about dieting, it's about changing habits.


This slimming class is the best I've ever been to and I've done them all!  Sylvia is so encouraging and keeps us all going, we've all lost loads of weight with no faddy diets and the class is full of lovely people.


My group means so much to me, everyone is so welcoming and friendly.  The diet is excellent and very healthy.